Previous Team Building Workshops

Jüdische Lib. Gemeinde Kids Workshop - 21 Sept. 2013

A fun, yet pleasantly calm, 2-hour paint workshop where we used the open theme of 'animals'. The children could interpret the theme as they wished, with acrylic kids’ paint on sturdy A2-paper.

ABB SAS Team Building Event - 16 Oct. 2013

A fun and unforgetable 1,5 hour workshop with a great bunch of people! We made a triptych of 10x10 cm Oil Pastel Scraperboard blocks that the team took to the office a beautiful souvinir of this event.

Internations Acrylic Abstracts - 7 Dec. 2013

A fun 3-hour workshop where each person made an acrylic abstract (and some less abstract) for a particular room in their house. A lovely group of people from various backgrounds, countries and levels in artistic skill.

Tandem Staff Day Art Talk & Demo - 22 Jan. 2014

A 5-hour invited talk about Art for Tots and Art for Kids, accompanied by selected demonstrations that the staff (and I) thoroughly enjoyed!

Swarovski - 21 Nov. 2014

A 3-hour multi-media project consisting of a print, a drawing and a painting with a central theme and colour scheme, in one frame. Some participants exchanged artworks in groups of three, ending up with a collective artwork that they can hang up in the office or at home, to remember this fun team building event where they not only learnt new techniques and discovered hidden talent but also got to know new colleagues. What a fun bunch of people!

Arty Birthday Party: Gelli Prints - 31 Jan. 2015

A 4-hour party-workshop, exploring and experimenting with the new medium and technique of gelli printing. Each participant gave two prints to the birthday girl to take home and create a collage as a beautiful reminder of her birthday with loving friends and family.

Meet Up Mosaic - 2 Nov. 2013

A relaxing 3-hour Meet-Up event where we mosaicked a 30 x 30cm wooden frame, while meeting new people in the Zurich area.  

Swissquant Workshop - Dec. 2014

A party for 50 completed a work in acrylic on canvas, 3.4 x 2.1m, comprising 13 pre-drawn canvases, in just over 2 hours! 

ICS Kindergarden Workshop - 3 Dec. 2014

The ICS kindergärtners visited the studio for a fun 2-hour workshop with the theme Engaging Art. We looked at and discussed a variety of real artworks, from prints to drawings to paintings. Super realistic to abstract, portraits to landscapes. We learnt about how to approach an artwork and how to discuss it critically and respectfully, exploring our own feelings, interpretations and preferences. After which we painted beautiful striped zebras to take home!

Galleria Scalia's Children's Christmas Art Exhibition - 2014

Galleria Scalia presented a delightful Christmas exhibition of selected works done by the junior students of our studio. Congratulations to all who sold! I am very proud of you.

Arty Birthday Party - 1 Feb. 2014

A 2-hour arty-birthday-party for a group of 10 to 11 year old girls. They made 10x10cm compositions in a variety of mediums in the theme of the birthday party and the birthday girl’s favourite things.


While the festivities commenced at the end of the workshop, the blocks where assembled in a lovely collective artwork. An artwork for the birthday girl to hang on her wall to remember her friends and this fun day.  



Annual Art Books

We have two volumes this year!

* Volume 1 (adult students)

* Volume 2 (juniors) Fr 65


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Important Notices

* Studio closes on the 16th of Dec.

* Workshops resumes on the 17th of Jan.