Art Fun for Expat Moms & Tots

What is Moms & Tots?

Art Fun for Expat Moms and Tots is a great opportunity to get out of the house and make new friends. In these workshops mothers (or daddies, grannies, aunties, uncles or nannies!) and their toddlers engage in age appropriate activities that are designed to introduce art making processes, skills and materials.

Please note

* Moms & Tots are scheduled on request.

* Minimum of 4 moms.

* Hosted at Egg-studio or at a private venue.

* All materials are included.

* Workshops are presented in English.

* Wear old clothes or aprons.

* All activities and materials used are child-safe.


* Fr 50 per 1.5-hour session.


Also view

A few examples of the fun we have together.

Beautiful flower printing as an introduction to printmaking

Lots of fun with cutting and decorating a cardboard box as an introduction to sculpture

Watercolour and shaving-cream marbling

as an introduction

to colour mixing

Collecting and pressing flowers as an introduction to shape (and to be used in future projects)

Exploring watercolour with salt, wax crayons, glue as an introduction to painting techniques

Exploring tactile texture by means of colourful rubbings



Annual Art Books

We have two volumes this year!

* Volume 1 (adult students)

* Volume 2 (juniors) Fr 65


Order a book.

Note: Books can be ordered all through the year.

Important Notices

* Studio closes on the 16th of Dec.

* Workshops resumes on the 17th of Jan.