Creativity Workshops for Schools - Sculpture/ 3D-projects

Creativity Workshop: Colour Wheel Creature

16 June 2014, 5-8 years

How do I make the Colour Wheel Creature?

* Take a paper plate and cut triangular holes for eyes and a nose.

* Draw the face of a creature and decorate it, using the black marker.

* Divide the paper plate in 6 even segments, using a marker.

* Colour in each segment red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple, respectively and in that order.

* Cut various strips of colour and printed paper, 1 x 10cm.

* Paste the strips all around the mask, leaving a space in between each strip.

* Encourage the children to match the colour of the strips to the colours of the segments.

* Attach string or elastic on the sides to serve as a band to keep the mask on the child’s face.


Next Level

* Teach the children about complimentary colours (colours that lie opposite each other on the wheel).

* Have them collect interesting materials such as vegetable bags etc. in the basic six colours used for the mask.

* Paste the collected materials all around the mask so as to extend the creature’s mane.

* Paste the complimentary colour material to each section. E.g. orange with the blue segment.


Creativity Workshop: Mosaics!

19 & 26 May 2014, 5-8 years

How do I mosaic?


* Take any object that you want to mosaic such as a wooden picture frame, box etc.

* Be sure to use something with a bit of a rough surface.If necessary, sand/ scratch the surface a bit.

* Use a marker to draw a design. Keep it simple.

* Sort the colour, size and shape of tiles for each colour area.

* Now it is a matter of building a puzzle, making each piece fit snug, leaving about 1.5 to 2mm space around each tile.

* Stick each tile down into place using mosaic or wood glue. Be sure to press down on each time to make it suck down properly.

* Let the glue dry.

* Now prepare the grout according to the packet’s instructions.

* Use a flexible implement such as a spatula, scraper or even a piece of rubber to force the grout in between the tiles.

* Be sure to scrape the grout into all directions so that the grout properly fills the gaps between the tiles.

* It is the combination of the tiles and the grout that gives a mosaic its strength and durability.

* Carefully wipe the extra grout away, using a damp sponge.

* Let the grout dry.

* Now wipe over the tiles and grout repeatedly to clear away loose grout and obtain a shine on the tiles.

* A soft, damp to dry sponge works well. Also try using old stockings or socks, rolled into a ball.

* Now varnish the design to achieve maximum shine and durability. Use spray varnish or conventional varnish applied with a brush.


Creativity Workshop: Paper Birds

10 September 2013, 6-9 and 10-12 years

17 March 2014, 7-9 years

How do I make these paper birds?



* Cut any paper into 1.5cm strips of equal length.

* Take 5 to 6 strips and bunch them together.

* Staple them together on the one end as to form the bird’s beak.

* At the other end, space the strips of paper about 1cm apart, moving backwards towards the beak.

* As you do that, the bulging strips will start to form the belly of the bird.

* Hold the strips tight and staple about 1cm away from the last strip’s end, as to create a division between the tail and the belly.


Next Level:

* Space the strips of paper 1mm apart when you are forming the beak.

* Attach string to the backs of the birds and attach them to a coat hanger to create a mobile.

* Curl the tail of the bird by means of dragging the strip of paper between your thumb and a pair of scissors, at a 90’ angle.

* Another way is illustrated here.


Creativity Workshop: Name Banner

1 October 2013, 6-9 years.

How do I make the name banner?



* Count the number of letters in your name.

* Unfold a colourful serviette of your choice and cut it into quarters.

* Cut strips of coloured paper into rectangles, half the size of the quarters.

* Fold over one of the corners of each block of serviette, so that the corner meets the middle of the block.

* Fold a third of the rectangles over backwards.

* Slider the folded corner of the serviette under the folded part of the rectangle.

* Have all of the serviette-paper sets face down and in a straight line on the table.

* Slide a strip of ribbon or rope under each set of folded serviette and paper.

* To secure the ribbon under the sets of serviette and paper, stick a piece of type down on each block.

* To secure that the sheets do not move, you can also staple the paper to the ribbon.

* Carefully turn over the banner, having the “right”, colourful side facing you.

* Write out the letters of your name, a letter per block.

* Hang the banner on your wall, door, fridge etc.


Next Level:

* Decorate the letters or…

* Write out the letters on another sheet of coloured paper and cut them out, to paste them onto the banner instead of drawing the letters directly

  on to the banner.

Creativity Workshop: Fantasy Lion Mask

19 November 2013, 6-9.

How to make the Fantasy Lion?



* Take a paper plate and paint the bottom a colour of your choice.

* Cut small triangles for the nose and eyes.

* Draw the mouth of the lion.

* Cut three 5mm slits on both sides of the mouth.

* Use 3 colourful pipe cleaners to as whiskers by sticking them into the slits.

* Cut 1x6cm strips of coloured paper to serve as the lion’s mane.

* Stick the strips of paper all around the edges, leaving about a centimetre space between each strip.

* Cut 2 pieces of 30cm ribbon of any colour.

* Staple a piece of ribbon (or elastic) on each side of the mark.

* Tie the mask to the child’s face by means of the ribbon.


Next Level:

* Cut four 5mm slits above the eyes and make eyelashes with smaller pieces of pipe cleaner.

* Paste strips of the coloured paper above the eyes to serve as eyebrows.

* Explore various facial expressions with the orientation of the paper strips.

* Use coloured markers to add more detail and character to the lion’s face.

Creativity Workshop: Cracking Easter Egg

3 April 2014, 5-7 years.

How do I make the Cracking Easter Egg?



* Draw an Easter egg on a sheet of sturdy cardboard paper.

* Colour in the Easter egg patterns using markers.

* Cut a crack through the middle of the Easter egg.

* Draw a bunny’s head on cardboard paper.

* Colour in and cut out the bunny, leaving a shape about the size of the head underneath the head to attach to the egg.

* Attach the bunny to the egg, using the extra bit under the head only.

* Remember to paste the bunny facing the same direction as the decorated side of the egg.

* Staple or glue a clothing peg onto the side of the egg, so that the egg can open and close when it is pinched together.



Creativity Workshop: Sponge Bob Square Pants

19 and 26 November 2013, 10-12.

How to make the Sponge Bob Square Pants?



* Firstly, get a picture of Sponge Bob so that you have a good reference image to work from.

* Use masking tape to close all the sides of a cereal box.

* Make sure that there are no opening or slits and that the tape is smoothly flattened.

* Cut a toilet roll in half and attach it at the bottom to serve as his hose pipes, using masking tape.

* Cut another toilet roll in half and flatten one end of each to create his shirt sleeves.

* Paste the sleeves, 1/3 from the bottom of the box, onto the sides of the box, using masking tape.

* Prime the entire character with ordinary white, interior acrylic house paint.

* Let it dry entirely.

* Now draw the outlines of Sponge Bob’s face and clothes, carefully observing the reference image.

* Paint the various parts of the character, according to the colours in your reference image.

* Outline the outlines again with a black marker.

* Make any touch ups or corrections using oil pastels or coloured pencils.



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