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Due to the frequency and enthusiasm of parents asking how to make the things that the kids produce in the workshops, I have decided to include a “How?” section on the website.


I’ve kept it short but do not hesitate to CONTACT me with further questions and advise! I’ve given a BASIC version and then a NEXT LEVEL version for when you see your child finds it too easy or you are working with an older child.


Don’t worry if things seem a bit difficult and if you end up having to do a bit for them. You will be amazed at how much they learn by just watching how you do it. Always remember to ask if they need help, don’t just jump in and help if you see they struggle. It is very important that they try it a few times themselves and also to learn how to ask for help. Rather demonstrate it a few times and then let them try it themselves than to just do it for them.




Annual Art Books

We have two volumes this year!

* Volume 1 (adult students)

* Volume 2 (juniors) Fr 65


Order a book.

Note: Books can be ordered all through the year.

Important Notices

* Studio closes on the 16th of Dec.

* Workshops resumes on the 17th of Jan.