Creativity Workshops for Schools - Printmaking

Creativity Workshop: Texture Print-Drawing

24 and 31 March 2014, 5-8 years.

How do I make the Texture Print-drawing?



*Collect a variety of hard textures.

* Draw an image using a black marker.

* Place a texture under the paper and make a rubbing of it, using coloured pencil.

* Repeat this process, for each shape in the picture until it is all coloured in.


Creativity Workshop: Shaving Cream & Paint Prints

3 February 2014

How do I make the Shaving Cream & Paint Prints?



* Squirt two fists full of shaving cream in a tray.

* Spread the shaving cream out over the surface of the tray.

* Drip the primary colours on top of the shaving cream, in straight lines.

* Use a q-tip to draw lines between colours at a time.

* Place a sheet of paper over the shaving cream and paint.

* Smooth the paper out to ensure that there are no air bubbles underneath.

* Peal the paper back and place on the table, with the paint facign upwards.

* Pad the excess shaving cream and paint of with kitchen paper.

* Don’t rub! It will smudge your image.

* Leave the sheet to dry.

* Explore what happened when the primary colours where mixed into each other, creating green (blue and yellow), orange (red and yellow), purple

  (blue and red) or brown (all three mixed together).

* Rinse the tray under water to repeat the exercise.

* More than one print can be made at a time before rinsing. Perhaps just add some more paint.


Next Level

* Mix a variety of colours and combinations with every new print, to explore colour theory.

* Explore other mark making techniques such as using tooth picks or your hands instead of a q-tip.

* Older children can even be encouraged to create a recognisable picture for example a landscape.

* These prints can be artworks on their own or be used as backgrounds for future projects in oil pastel etc.

* They can also be worked into a collage project or used as book covers or wrapping paper.


Creativity Workshop: Paint Butterflies

5 November 2013, 6-9 years

How do I make the Paint Butterflies?



* Dilute children’s arts and craft paint with water.

* Fold an A3 sheet of paper in half and open it up again.

* Drip the various colours of paint only on the one side of the paper.

* Let the child mix some of the colours on the sheet.

* This can be done by means of blowing with a straw, finger painting etc.

* Now fold the clear side of the paper over onto the painted side.

* Slowly open the sheet up again and discover what happened to the paint.

* Point out the symmetry and perhaps point out where else we can come

  across symmetry elsewhere in life


Next Level

* After a few tries and experimentation you can encourage the child to try and plan and manipulate the paint so as to get a desired effect or pattern.

* Do paint butterflies on coloured paper, using for example light paints on dark paper.

* Do multi-layered butterflies by making several prints on a single sheet, waiting until each layers dry in-between prints.

Creativity Workshop: Colour-Pencil Texture Rubbing

30 October 2013, 6-9 years

How do I make the Colour-Pencil Texture Rubbing?



* Make a picture of pressed and dried autumn leaves. (See Autumn Leaf Collage.)

* Place another thin sheet of paper over the leaf collage.

* Be sure to keep it still and in place. You can secure it with tape if you want.

* Angle your coloured pencil so that the tip is not facing straight down, but rather make contact with the paper horizontally.

* Move the pencil sideways in short movements.

* The pencil will pick up on the bumps under the paper and reveal the image below.

* You can use quite a bit of pressure as to get a nicely saturated colour.


Next Level:

* Use more than one colour.

* Design a patern such as angled strokes of colour or concentric circles, each with a different colour.

* Do a rainbow order of colours as to enforce knowledge of the colour wheel.

* Use other media such as crayons, oil pastels, grey HB-pencils or even compressed charcoal.

  (Be sure to spray the rubbing with fixative when using the latter three mediums.)


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