Creativity Workshops for Schools - Collage

Creativity Workshop: Autumn Leaf Collage

22 October 2013, 6-9 years.

How do I make the Autumn Leaf Collage?



* Collect, press and dry a variety of autumn leaves in a book.

* Think of your favourite animal and find a realistic picture of it.

* Make the animal with the leaves.

* Arrange the leaves onto a sheet of paper.

* Make the best use of the leaves' size, shape and colour.

* Paste the leaves down with multi-purpose glue.

* Let the glue dry bit and place the image into a book to flatten it.

* Remove the picture from the book when it is dry and flat.


Creativity Workshop: Found Texture Collage

22 and 30 October 2013, 10-12 years and 31 March 2014, 6-7 years.

How do I make the Found-Texture Collage?



* Collect objects with a variety of textures around the house.

  (Sand paper, lace, veg packaging, cardboard, string, buttons, rice, sugar etc.)

* Draw the outlines of your favourite animal on a sheet of paper..

* “Colour in” your animal using the various textures.

* Cut out the shapes form the textile/ sand paper/ wrapping etc. and paste

  it down using multi-purpose glue.

* While you are creating your image, imagine not looking at it with your eyes

  but rather with your hands. As it is about the tactile texture, not the

  colours or lines. Art is not always visual.

* Make sure that you outline the various shapes by means of string, cut

  straws or rice.

* To be sure that you are on the right track, close your eyes often and just

  feel the picture.

* When the picture is done and the glue dry, place it in a book to flatten it.


* This picture can then be used to make rubbings or prints in other projects.

Creativity Workshop: Crazy Hair Collage

12 November 2013, 6-9 years.

How do I make the Crazy Hair Collage?



* Cut an A4 sheet of watercolour paper in half, lengthwise.

* Dilute a bit of children’s paint.

* Drop a teaspoon of paint at the top of the paper.

* Using a straw, blow onto the paint, directing the paint into all directions.

  (See Paint Blowing Workshop.)

* Using basic shapes, cut out clothes and accessories for the figure, out of

  coloured paper.

* Paste the clothes onto the paper.

* Draw the parts of the figure’s body that is not covered by clothes, using

  a marker.


Next Level:

* Instead of drawing a stickman, draw a realistic figure.

* Add detail such as jewellery, handbags, headgear, socks etc.

* Add a background.

Creativity Workshop: Fantasy Leaf Bird

12 November 2013, 10-12 years.

How do I make the Fantasy Leaf Bird?



* Collect, press and dry a variety of small autumn leaves.

* Draw a rough outline of any kind of bird on an A4 sheet of paper.

* Use the leaves as feathers and stick them down on the paper with wood


* Be sure to overlap the leaves to seem like feathers.


Next Level:

* If you have leaves and enthusiasm left, make a fantasy fish using the

  leaves as scales.

* You can also do a larger collage on A3 or make it interesting, using

  coloured paper to work on.

* You can make the collage more complex by including background.

Creativity Workshop: Paper Butterflies

3 December 2013, 6-9 years.

How do I make the Paper Butterflies?



* Take an A3-sheet of coloured paper and use it as a base for your


* Collect several sheets of coloured or patterned paper.

* Fold a sheet of patterned paper in half.

* Draw the outline of half a butterfly on the paper, using the fold of the

  paper as the middle or body of the butterfly.

* Cut along the outline, with the paper still folded.

* Open up the cut-out of the butterfly.

* Paste only one side of the butterfly on the A3-paper.

  In other words, the other side of the butterfly is flapping loose, so that

  they indeed looks like they are flying when a breeze comes by.

* Repeat this, until you A3 is full of butterflies.


Next Level:

* To keep order and logic, make the butterflies fly in one direction, making

  them face in the same direction.

* You can also prescribe that they fly in a line, diagonally upward or

  downwards. You can even make them fly in a curved line, upward or


* Prescribe to the child to make a specific amount of butterflies, for

  example 2 large ones, 10 medium size ones and 5small ones.

* You can also limit the colour scheme and prescribe only warm colours in

  a cool background or visa versa.


Creativity Workshop: Fun with Paper!

10 December 2013, 6-9 years.

How do I have Fun with Paper?


I'm not going to reinvent the wheel as there are such great YouTube videos available that explains how to fold these items so much better than what I ever could!


* Paper Hat:

* Paper Boat:

* Paper Plane:

  (There are many variations for this one!)

* Paper Flower:

  (The kids also calls this one a "snip-snap.")


Next Level:

* Decorate the folded paper items.

* Test if they work.

  Does the hat fit? Does the boat float? Does the plane fly?

  Try to improve the designs.

* Vary the sizes of the items by making the smallest one possible or the

  larges one.


Creativity Workshop: Patterned Paper Collage

10 December 2013, 10-12 years.

How do I make a Patterned Paper Collage?



* Take a sheet of coloured A4-paper.

* Draw the outlines of your picture, lightly in pencil.

* Cut out the shapes of the items in your picture from pattered paper ad

  stick them down with paper glue.

* You are in essence colouring in with the patterned paper.

* Outline your objects with a black marker, when you are done pasting, to

  give your picture definition.


Creativity Workshop: Spring Collage

17 March 2014, 5-7 years.

How do I make a Spring Collage Collage?



* Take a sheet of coloured A2-paper and use it a base and background.

* Ask the child about the characteristics of spring.

  (Flowers, sunshine, warmth, green, leafs, colours, summer clothes, hats, 

  animals coming out after hibernation, insect hatching etc.)

* Instruct the child to make a collage about spring. he/she must also be in it.

* Take a selection of coloured and printed paper.

* Cut the needed shapes out and paste the composition with paper clue.



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