After School Group

What is The After School Group?

In the After School Group, we facilitate a variety of age groups for a variety of needs.


The first being extra help with for Art Portfolios. Art students not only have the space, materials and opportunity to work on portfolio pieces but they also have access to expert advice and coaching. Here, the student can tackle problem areas that there is often too little time for in the classroom. Our teachers (also artists themselves) have years of experience in formal and informal art education. They have a passion for helping youngsters compile excellent portfolios. Portfolios that are of such a high standard that they can easily be used and presented in university applications etc.


The second is Creativity for CAS. It is not only a great opportunity to accumulate CAS hours for students at international schools but provides the student with handy creative skills and know-how that can be applied everywhere else in life. Students do not have to be artistically skilled or have much prior exposure to visual art.

At Creativity for CAS, we explore a variety of art (and craft) making processes and mediums. Each student is accommodated on whatever level they are on and projects are inspired according to their own interests.


Lastly, we accommodate children who show creative talent at a very young age and want to develop this skill further. It is critical that such children get the right kind of couching and inspiration at this age, so that it still remains fun and develop naturally. Boosting confidence and motivating the child to explore and investigate new media, art forms and skills. Helping the child develop good problem solving skills and understand her/his own creative process. Coaching him/her to handle setbacks and pushing through disappointments. How to start a project with good planning and end it well with finishing touches and clean up. All this according to the skill level, personality and interests of the child. Each child is coached individually at her/his own pace, within a similar age group.


Although we accommodate all of these age groups and various needs in one session, the groups are facilitated in different rooms and areas.


* Fr 50 per 2-hour session, per child.

* All materials included, no talent needed!

  (Excl. canvas.)


Workshops resume on 6 January 2014

* Tuesdays ~ 16h00-18h00 - new timeslot!

* Wednesdays ~ 16h00-18h00

* Thursdays ~ 16h00-18h00

  Booking is essential.


Please note

* Booking is essential. Book now. 

* All materials are included.

* Workshops are presented in English.

* Wear old clothes or aprons.

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Annual Art Books

We have two volumes this year!

* Volume 1 (adult students)

* Volume 2 (juniors) Fr 65


Order a book.

Note: Books can be ordered all through the year.

Important Notices

* Studio closes on the 16th of Dec.

* Workshops resumes on the 17th of Jan.