Weekend Workshops

What is Weekend Workshops?

Weekend Workshops is Open Studio over the weekend. It is a three hour session where students can come and work on their projects. During open studio the students not only have the opportunity to use the space but also have access to advice and coaching.


During open studio students make whatever artwork they want in whatever medium and I customise ad-hoc lessons to accommodate whatever the need is in that particular session. It can be seen as consultation or advice time.


High school children are also welcome.


* Fr 75 for a 3-hour session, per person.

* All materials included, no talent needed!

  (Excl. canvas.)


Saturdays ~ 11h00-14h00    

* Feb., 7

* March, 7

* April, 18

* May, 9

* June, 6

Please note

* All materials are included. (Excl. canvas.)

* Workshops are presented in English.

* Wear old clothes or aprons.

* Workshops are for all ages and skill-level.

* Artwork can be stored at the studio.

* Guests are welcome to check out what we do.


Also view


Foundation Course

This is a 26-session course (ie 26 x 3 hours) that takes place on Tuesday mornings from 10.00 – 13.00, starting on September 8 2015.

The course covers all the basics of making 2-dimensional art and a wide range of techniques. The course is suitable both for total beginners and for people who would like to try new mediums, to review the elements and principles of art and composition and to learn how to create their own original artwork.

Only a few spots still open. Book now!

Annual Art Books

We have two volumes this year!

* Volume 1 (adult students)

* Volume 2 (juniors) Fr 65


Order a book.

Note: Books can be ordered all through the year.

Important Notices

* Studio closes on 17 Dec. for the winter break.


* Studio resumes on 12 Jan. for 2016.

* Juniors to register for 2016 before 15 Dec. '15

   (Tue., Wed. or Thu., 16h00-18h00.)

* Last School Creativity Workshop: 14 Dec. 2015.

* Creativity Workshops for schools resume on 8 Feb. '16