Weekend Workshops


For the month of January we present two options on selective Saturdays:

Open Studio and/or New Year Special.


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After the month of January we will continue with once-off 3-hour workshops as usual. Workshops that range between drawing, painting, printmaking and crafts. In these workshops the focus can range between exploring new techniques and specific projects for your home to just having fun with friends and meeting new people.


If any of these past Weekend Workshops appeal to you, we’d love to hear about it. Send us a message.


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Oil Pastel Scraperboard - 12 Oct.

This is a fantastic technique that everyone can do. You are guaranteed a great-looking drawing at the end!

We’ll apply layers of oil pastel and then use tools such as toothpicks and palette knives to scratch out a drawing which appears in colour surrounded by black. The effect is beautiful.

To give you plenty of opportunity to practice we each make about twelve 10x10 cm drawings and then choose the best to combine into your final composition of say 9 drawings put together.

I’ll suggest a theme and give examples or even things to trace if you have no ideas of your own. Due to the binding theme of colour against black, even the most random selection of images goes together just fine. So you’ll have a lovely drawing to take home, and will have developed mark-making, compositional and observation skills along the way without even realising it!

Price CHF 75 or 3 points from a Studio Abonnement. Includes all materials.


Pointillism Portraits - 19 Oct.

An easy but effective technique that everyone can complete successfully. Its so relaxing!

The process involves tracing a high contrast image and using markers – either black on white or according to your own specific colour scheme. 

I will provide images or you can bring a black and white image of your own choice (a portrait or, in fact, any other subject that you like). You could even come to a series of these workshops and create an entire collection of family portraits. They look great!

You take home a lovely final product, and you’ll have developed observational skills and learned about mark-making, tone and some design principles such as proximity, similarity, contrast and closure.


Acrylic Abstracts for Your Living Room - 26 Oct.

Do you have a space on the wall at home that you have been dying to fill? Bring three canvasses of the same size and shape and let me help you make your own abstract or semi-abstract painting for that specific spot! (A good place to buy canvases is Coop Bau & Hobby).

You don’t need any prior experience in art to make this work. I have helped many friends who thought they had no “talent” to paint something that pulls their living room together with style.

Abstract means that there is nothing recognisable or figurative in the picture. In other words it is not realistic and simply a composition of line, colour and shape, so there’s no pressure to paint something that has to “look right.”

The advantage of doing an artwork of three panels (a triptych) is that it already has a kind of theme and rhythm: threes. You can repeat the theme of threes elsewhere in the room (three cushions, three candles, three photo frames) to create an even better integrated room.

Bring a few photographs of the room that you are making the painting for, so that we have a colour scheme to work with. If there is no scheme, we will create one. (You can also bring along examples of similar art that you like.)

While doing this fun project, you will learn about acrylic paint and painting on canvas, and get some tips on composition, proportion and balance.


Mosaic Workshop - 2 Nov.

Make your own mosaic mirror-frame!


Join us for a fun Saturday morning workshop on

All materials included, no talent needed!



Colourful Still Life for Your Kitchen - 9 Nov.

Come and paint a colourful still life of fruits and veg for your kitchen. Don’t worry, we will simplify it to basic shapes and lines and make it semi-abstract. In other words, there’s no pressure to paint realistically or in much detail – it’s all about line, shape and colour.

We will use acrylic paint on special paper (or bring your own canvas if you prefer), breaking up the shades and colours that we see into simple shapes. Then we’ll outline the shapes in black and simply colour them in in a variety of colours. It’s as easy as pie. We’ll exaggerate and even change the colours as we please or to suit the interior of your kitchen (or any other room you have in mind).

The focus is colour. I will help you mix colours and let you discover this wonderful world in the medium of acrylics.

No prior experience needed, all materials included!.



Easy Printmaking Workshop - 16 Nov.

A fun beginner workshop where we explore and experiment with this fascinating art-form.

This workshop doesn’t need any special drawing skills. You can trace if you want or just make abstract marks using forks, plastic toys and other assorted tools. The great thing about printmaking is that a mundane doodle or imprint turns out looking great when printed and layered. You’ll have lots of fun trying out your prints in different coloured inks on a variety of papers.

What I love about this medium is its edginess and layered quality. It brings in such a nice modern or trendy feel into a room. If you are one for simplicity and design, this workshop is for you. Come and have fun while making compositions for blank walls in your home.


Mosaic with Coins of the World - 30 Nov.

Have you collected coins on trips to foreign countries or do you have old Deutschmarks, Lire and French Francs that you don’t know what to do with? Making a mosaic mirror-frame with them is a great way to remember your travels and it looks great!

If you don’t think you have enough coins to complete the project, ask friends and family for theirs (and we might even have a few to spare at the studio). You need enough to cover a surface area of about one and a half A4 pages (to be on the safe side).

You can also bring other objects from your travels such as flat beads, shells, buttons, seeds, tiles, glass etc. to use in between the coins. Just ensure that they are roughly the same thickness as the coins.

If you have another object of the same size that you would rather use instead of covering a mirror frame, such as a small table, coasters, hot-pot placemat or box, bring it along. (This does not change the cost of the workshop.)


Cancellation Policy

To book your place at a Workshop or Discovering the Creative Process, please send an email, and once we’ve confirmed your place, please pay in advance to secure it using the bank details (unless you have a studio Abonnement).


If we have to cancel for any reason, we will refund your money in full.. If you have to cancel, let us know 36 hours in advance, we will give you a full credit to attend another Workshop of equal value. Later cancellations unfortunately won’t be refunded. (However, bookings are transferable to a friend or family member.)